How it works


Sound Auction Service is dedicated to it's customers. We provide an honest and ethical approach to the auction industry. We provide a wide variety of services, which include the following.

1.-Online Estate Auctions

2.-Storage and Lien Sale Auctions

3.-Estate Buyouts



We are able to take a single item or an entire home or business. We offer a free in person consultation without obligation. Give us a call at 360-339-3920 to schedule today.


We charge $3.00 per lot for cataloging. Cataloging consists of preparation of items, title and description creation, photographs as needed, and upload of lot to the bidding platform to go "Live Online".


Our commission is based on a sliding scale. It is on a per lot basis, meaning, whatever the sale price for that item or group of items. See the chart below. However, we do negotiate commission on high value items such as autos and equipment.

Sale Price From To Sound Auction Seller Net %
$0.00 $25.00 40.00% 60.00%
$25.01 $50.00 38.76% 61.24%
$50.01 $75.00 37.51% 62.49%
$75.01 $100.00 36.26% 63.74%
$100.01 $250.00 32.50% 67.50%
$250.01 $500.00 30.00% 70.00%
$500.01 $750.00 28.33% 71.67%
$750.01 $1,000.00 26.88% 73.12%
$1,000.01 $2,500.00 22.75% 77.25%
$2,500.01 $5,000.00 20.13% 79.87%
$5,000.01 $10,000.00 17.26% 82.74%
$10,000.01 $25,000.00 14.53% 85.47%
$25,000.01 $50,000.00 12.26% 87.74%

As you can see, the better items get the better rates.


Pick Up Services

We do offer pick up of items within a large portion of Western Washington. Packing and loading is an everyday day thing for us. At your free consultation, we will determine the amount of man power and resources necessary to complete your job. Below is a list of the resources available.

1.-Box Truck 8'x10' - $50.00 per trip within Thurston County (additional fee for outside county)

2.-Box Truck with 6'x12'  enclosed cargo trailer $100.00 per trip within Thurston County (additional fee for outside county)

3.-Box Truck with enclosed 8.5'x20' enclosed cargo trailer $150.00 per trip within Thurston County (additional fee for outside county)

4.-Any combination of the above is also available for large estate or businesses.

There is an hourly rate of $40.00 per man with a minimum of 1 hour. 

All commissions and fees for pick up are taken from the gross sales of your items, so no money is needed up front.


What we don't take


2.-Particle board furniture

3.-Most clothes


5.-Items of low value(garage sale left overs)

6.-Damaged furniture

7.-Older TV's

8.-Need I go on