09/17/19 Get Shorty TV Series Production Wardrobes & Accessories (335)

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All items come from the set of Get Shorty at the conclusion of filming Season 3. This is only Part 1 with many more items to come in the future. Includes Outfits for Chris O'Dowd "Miles, Ray Romano "Rick", Laura Spencer "Danielle", Alberto Isaac "Arvin", Antonio Leon "Armando", Mickey Giacomazzi. "Stunt Max", Merrick McCartha "Detective Torann", Gia Zavala "Doug", Dominic Daniel "Agent Ware", Micheal Broderick "Detective Moody", Bryan Lugio "Ross", Assorted Men's & Women's Clothing, Shoes, Fashion Jewelry & Accessories (Many are like new and with original tags, some are quite expensive). Production Ladders, Canopies, TV's, Mini-Fridges, Lighting & Gels Filters, Crates & More!

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